Will dance for Rohit: Shah Rukh Khan

Hitman has been hitting quite hard in the recent fixtures. Now it seems Mr Sharma isn't only about hitting the ball as his recent Twitter conversation with King Khan brought back some memories for both the stars. 
It all started with SRK's tweet about his first superhit film Baazigar completing 25 years. He was seen thanking his fans for his support.
SRK tweeted a video where he thanked everybody who was associated with the film. "25yrs of Baazigar. A film that defines my career & gave me lifelong friends. Thx Utd 7 @rtnjn @theabbasmustan @KajolAtUN @TheShilpaShetty Thomas Johnnybhai Annu Rakhiji Sid Dilip Sarojji Rekha AkbarB & everyone on the film," King of Bollywood said.
Rohit retweeted the video with a comment saying, "One of my top movies, no questions!! @iamsrk". 
To which witty SRK responded saying that he will perform on one of the songs from his movie in the upcoming IPL. "Next time will do Kaali Kaali Aankhen for you live at the IPL, my friend. Keep healthy. Love to u" wrote the owner of KKR.
Khan's reply excited Sharma, and he continued the story by requesting him to perform at his favourite ground Eden Gardens in Kolkata.
"@iamsrk I’m going to hold you to that and at Eden Gardens so I can add that to my list of memories there," the 31-year-old tweeted.

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