Why should we not compare Virat Kohli with Sachin Tendulkar?

When Sachin Tendulkar was at the peak of his career, here is a list of bowlers he padded against:

Player                     Span               Mat        Wkts

Muralitharan        1993-2011          350        534

Wasim Akram      1984-2003          356        502

Waqar Younis      1989-2003          262        416

WPUJU Vaas      1994-2008          322         400

Shahid Afridi        1996-2015          398         395

SM Pollock          1996-2008          303         393

GD McGrath        1993-2007          250         381

Brett Lee              2000-2012         221          380

Saw those names? McGrath, Lee, Waqar, Murali, Akram, Pollock, Vaas?!?!?? All these names are synonyms to 'nightmares' for any world-class batsman in the world.

Now, here's a funny fact: The names you see above are not exquisitely the bowlers Sachin faced in his glorious career, but top eight ODI wicket-takers in the history of the game! All these bowlers shared the same career period as Sachin Tendulkar.

And Sachin hammered every one of them. To the mind-boggling 'Doosras' of Muralitharan, he would bend his knee and slog one over the mid-wicket or sweep it behind square. To the daunting inswingers of McGrath, he would step back on his feet and punch down through the covers. To the lethal deliveries of Brett Lee, he would ensure to keep his bat straight and drive right down the ground zooming pass the umpire. To Shoiab Akhtar, he would stand on his toes and wack over the third man for a six! To the toe-crunching yorkers of Waqar Younis, he would flick his wrist and watch the ball glide like a motor-boat to the square-leg boundary. “I have nightmares of Sachin”, were the words of Shane Warne!

That was Sachin Tendulkar; he scored runs in an era when the bowlers belonged to a high-quality species. He scored runs for India when India suffered with the blot of match-fixing in 1999, and helped the team rise from the ashes. A career threatening Tennis-Elbow did not stop him from making a comeback and win world cup for India.

Now, I tried finding out top wicket-takers of the current era, the ones which Virat has faced:

1. first in the list is Lasith Malinga - 301 wickets, i.e. 201 less than Wasim Akram. And Virat Kohli had faced Malinga      when his career is almost seeing a demise.

2. Second comes James Anderson - 269 wickets; 131 less than Chaminda Vaas.

3. Dale Steyn - 180 wickets; 236 less than Waqar Younis.

4. The highest wicket-taking spinner currently in action is Shakib-Al-Hasan - 226 wickets, 308 less than the Lankan        Wizard.

Clearly, Virat faces a poor quality of arsenal as compared to what Sachin saw in his career. If we are comparing the two batsmen, the situation also demands to compare the bowlers that they faced. And in that lies the greatness of the Master-Blaster. We have seen Virat struggling against the likes of Mohammed Amir and the incoming swingers have troubled him often.

Though stats and records show a different story, they don’t portray a real picture. One cannot be distinguished based upon facts and figures alone. That is the work of computers.

No wonder, Virat is a champion-batsman and a phenomenal sportsperson. The picturesque balance of his body when he whips a straight drive, or a beautiful arch that he gets while playing cover-drives is a delight to watch. The fitness of a beast and hunger for winning is rooted deep inside him.

He is a super-star.

But Legend? Not so much.

Sachin has been a sailor among the cyclones. Virat is beginning to anchor his ship in the dockyard. Time has not tested him yet.

Yash Jaiswal

Source - Quora