The Stokes trial takes an interesting turn

The nightclub brawl controversy is not ready to disassociate itself from Ben Stokes. After the incident in Bristol, cops detained the English cricketer along with two others. It led to Stokes missing a lot of international cricket matches as the ECB was keen on getting legal clearances and the 27-year-old came in action after 4 months of struggle. 
As per the updated information, Bristol Crown Court freed one of the three accused men Ryan Hale from the charges as the recorded video footage showing the trio getting involved in a fight came up as proof.
As per the sources, The judge Peter Blair remarked Ryan Hale not guilty.“I am directing you to find him not guilty in my analysis of the evidence,” he concluded. In the video footage, Stokes was seen knocking Hale and Ali down. Hale in a formal interview told Police that he could have been killed by Stokes on the night of brawl.
In the statement, Hale said that “the first thing he did was put his hand on my knob. I am an ex-soldier, to me it is banter. It did not offend me at all. He was pinching my arse, and I grabbed him and said ‘You are coming home with me’. He said ‘Just because I am gay does not mean I am going home with any other bloke’. I was like, it’s fine, no problem, and carried on walking.” 
On the other hand, Stokes words don't match Hale's story as the English all-rounder accused Hale of abusing his friends.