Sunil Gavaskar slams MCC proposal of standardised ball in Tests

By Cricnwin Staff


Former India captain Sunil Gavaskar has come down hard on MCC’s recommendation that single-make balls be used in Tests. With the inaugural World Test Championship set to get underway this year, the MCC World Cricket Committee has proposed the use of a standard ball barring day-night Tests, where the pink ball is used.

However, Gavaskar isn’t impressed with the proposal and feels that it will take away the challenge of playing in overseas conditions.

"Now we are hearing that they (MCC) are taking about standardising the ball, you might as well standardize the pitches, you might as well standardise the bat, you might as well standardise everything...What’s the big deal in playing cricket... (there is this) whole idea of going overseas and winning... because you are playing in different conditions,” said Gavaskar.

"That (MCC) World Committee is like Cricket Club of India or the National Cricket Club in Kolkata or Madras Cricket Club in Chennai. It is pretty similar to that, the MCC is saying our committee should (be) listened to (more than the) ICC Committee. And unfortunately, a lot of people take them seriously.

"The whole idea of cricket and why players are recognised as being good or great is when they do well overseas, unfamiliar conditions,” he added.

As of now, SG ball is used in India, Dukes in England and West Indies, and Kookaburra in other countries including Australia and South Africa. The MCC has also proposed free-hits in Tests and a shot clock to prevent wastage of time.