Sreesanth opens up on his lifetime ban on cricket in Bigg Boss

The 2013 edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is still remembered for the spot-fixing scandal which sent the shivers down the spines of the cricketing fraternity. Even the member of the World Cup winning squad S Sreesanth was accused of fixing while playing for the Rajasthan Royals and the BCCI has banned him from playing any kind of cricket for the lifetime. Despite the court has cleared him of all the charges, the ban is not being lifted and the cricketer is fighting a legal battle over the same.

According to the format of the show, one person gets eliminated every week and the atmosphere was tensed inside the house due to the same. One of the nominations was Kriti Verma who was extremely upset over it and to make her calm S Sreesanth explained her his side of the story and how he has gone through a lot since 2013.

The former cricketer told that he doesn’t have any permission to go to any cricket stadium ever in his life and it is almost five years now that he has been to watch the match. Even if his child plays cricket, even then he won’t be allowed to enter the school ground as well.

While it is only a start of the show, it will be interesting to see Sreesanth will be able to go all the way and win it in the upcoming weeks.

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