Shaw told us why Pujara carried a water bottle

In the ongoing West Indies tour of India, Prithvi Shaw made an exemplary debut by scoring a fantastic century. By now, everyone knows that he became the youngest ever batsman to achieve this milestone. With the help of 19 boundaries, Shaw scored 134 runs off 154 deliveries before getting out.
Apparently, it was an excellent occasion for the 18-year-old as he got the well-deserved attention from cricket fans and critics all around the world; however, there was more it. 
Prithvi rose to the occasion with a little bit of confusion. With the co-star Pujara, he played a smooth innings. Everything was fine till Pujara took out a water bottle off his pocket and started drinking water which came as a surprise to young Shaw. 
In a short interview with us, he told us about this little chit-chat session he had in the middle with Pujara. "When I asked Pujara sir about the water bottle he was carrying in his pocket, he told me that we(the Indian players) need to carry a water bottle in our pockets all the time as our coach Ravi Shastri is not restricted to drinking occasionally," said Shaw.
Talking about Shastri's love for drinking, Shaw shared what he came to know. "Furthermore, Pujara sir said that even he(Ravi Shastri) is happy with someone's practice in the nets, he might ask anyone of us for water to make his peg. So, I found it weird but being a debutant I couldn't react," the 18-year-old added.


DISCLAIMER: This content is a work of fiction and readers are not advised to confuse the news as true or genuine in any case.