Razzaq: "I'm not dead"

After the local chit-chat show fuss about rating Shehzad above Tendulkar and Sehwag, Razzaq is back in the limelight again. This time he didn't comment about anybody else but marked his existence via a tweet video.
Shockingly, the death hoax of former Pakistani cricketer went viral after the confirmation from a post on Facebook. However, reality turned out to be different as Razzaq came in front to prove the pointlessness of the news of his death.     
In the video posted at his Twitter handle shows the all-rounder's disappointment and anger on the people spreading the fake news about the road accident that he never met. 
“Hi everyone, I am Abdul Razzaq. Today on Facebook, someone has spread the rumours of my death in a road accident. It is very disappointing, and they shouldn't do such things. Such rumours should not be on social media. By God's grace I am fit and doing very well” Razzaq said in the video.
Any strict action against the social media users is yet to be seen by us.