Punjab's exit will be Sehwag's exit?

In arguably the most competitive IPL ever, Punjab is hoping Delhi to win against Mumbai Indians. Even in that case, KXIP will have to beat CSK who have already booked their berth in the playoffs. Considering the overall performance of the team, KXIP coach Virender Sehwag has been thinking of some taking some bold decisions regarding his future in IPL with Punjab.

In a short interview, the former Indian batsman told us that her love for cricket is the reason behind her active participation in Indian Premier League.

Punjab started the season with quite fantastically but their current position is quite indigent. When we asked Viru to share her views on this, she surprised us by saying "I promised myself to take the team to playoffs this season. The game against CSK is crucial for us and you shouldn't be surprised if Punjab's exit leads to my exit from IPL."

Prior to this strong statement, Sehwag has been in the news for his verbal spat with the co-owner Preity Zinta. But he refrained from commenting anything regarding the same. Is Punjab's exit is really the reason behind Sehwag's bold decision of stepping down as the batting coach of the team?     

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