Onus on players to manage IPL workload: Virat Kohli

By Cricnwin Staff


After a tiring international season, India are now gearing up for another gruelling couple of months. With the ODI series against Australia coming to an end on Wednesday (March 13), India players will now join their respective franchises for the Indian Premier League.

With not much time to rest and the World Cup less than three months away, skipper Kohli revealed that he had just one message for his players - regroup at the end of the IPL.

"Exactly what we spoke in the end in the change room was: 'just go and enjoy these two months in the IPL'. Don't think of performance pressure or I have to do this or do that. I think we deserve to really just enjoy our cricket and just go out there and play because of the joy of playing the sport,” Kohli said.

"Being on the road for so many months does take a toll on you as a team. I'm not saying that's an excuse because you're expected to do that and be motivated to win every game you're playing for the country. When you have a long season, you can always reflect on it. I am not someone whoever takes this as an excuse. If I'm not up to play a game mentally or physically, I'll inform the management before and I think everyone's responsible enough to do that.”

Speaking about the workload in the IPL, Kohli said the onus is on the players to seek rest from the respective franchises.

"We've given the responsibility to the player to be smart and to inform the management of the franchise and be in touch with Patrick [Farhart], our physio,” he said.

"All the workload will be monitored during the World Cup - and given a window, the guys can afford to rest. I can guarantee that because the World Cup comes every four years and we play IPL every year. Not to say we won't be committed to the IPL but we've got to be smart. We have to work in balance and take smart decisions. The responsibility and the onus is on the player. No-one will be forced to do something. Eventually everyone will know no-one wants to miss the World Cup and cost the team good balance.”

The IPL 2019 starts on March 23.