Mathews is the reason for Sri Lanka's miserable performance: SLC

There have not been many instances when a captain gets dropped from the squad. Yes, we are talking about former Sri Lankan skipper and all-rounder Angelo Mathews here. Mathews has been held responsible for literally all the defeats conceded by the team. As people say that we shouldn't trust media blindly, so we decided to poke the already frustrated team and broken former skipper.

When we met the boss of Sri Lanka cricket Thilanga Sumathipala, he didn't even listen to our questions and went on to say that "Angelo is the reason why we lost to the teams like Bangladesh. He just keeps on counting his handful runs and occasional wickets just the way he did in the letter he wrote to us. Even though I'm more  concerned about the politics in the board but this guy seriously made me hate him."

Our news correspondent got into a bad mood so he left from there without letting Mr. President complete. Now it was time to wipe some tears, so we reached out to the man himself, Angelo Mathews. Don't know why but it seemed like he saw a family in us and borrowed our cameraman's shoulder. We were running out of time so we insisted him to save his tears for other news reporters.

With a filled throat he said, "what kind of justice is this? no team can win with an individual performance especially when you have high hopes from a mediocre player like myself. Who do they think I'm? Sachin Tendulkar? I'm Angelo, Angelo Mathews and yes I do love highlighting my contribution." Before saying anything further he broke in tears again and we called it a day.


DISCLAIMER: This content is a work of fiction and readers are not advised to confuse the news as true or genuine in any case.