Mallya: British Premier League is on the agenda

Millionaire Vijay Mallya has been a household name since 2016. With the case of loan defaulting against him, he is chilling in London for quite some time now. After being asked about his future plans with the acquired wealth i.e. ₹ 9000 crores, he finally broke silence. In a conversation with our news correspondent, he shared his past experience with owning  Royal Challengers Bangalore as one of IPL teams. Talking about his recent meeting with the creator of Indian Premier League Lalit Modi, he seconded Modi and called IPL the future of international cricket. Adding further to it, he said "the duo is planning to come up with the English version of IPL and it will be called as British Premier League."

"I would request the Indian banks to keep calm and support my decision of investing in BPL. This is the only way left to pay off the loan" said Mallya.

The cricket pundits believe it as a bold initiative and an attempt to breathe life in the county cricket scene of England. Although businessman Mallya didn't give out any further details but the news seems to be enough for raising the temperature in cricket world. 

DISCLAIMER: This content is a work of fiction and readers are not adviced to confuse the news as true or genuine in any case.