Learn ways to earn coins at cricnwin

Different Ways to earn CW Coins

a. Read News & Watch Cricket Videos: You will get 20 coins on each news you read or any video you watch. 

b. Play Trivia: You will get 10 questions in one set and have to answer these in 2.5 minutes. Each correct answer will get you 20 Coins, and You will lose 5 on every wrong answer. You can play 3 Trivia sets at one go and win upto 600 coins.  

c. Refer your friends: Limited time offer: Share your referral code with your friends and family, If someone signs up at cricnwin using your referral code, Each of you gets 1000 Coins. Collect as many coins as possible ;)

d. First time signup: When you signup for the first time you will get bonus 1000 coins. Applicable for new users only.

e. Watch Video Ads: Get 50 coins for each video ad you see, You can watch maximum 5 video ads per day & win upto 250 coins.

f.  Prediction Game: You can multiply all collected coins just by playing prediction game. 

Additional Information:

Match Coins Table

Match coins table shows your rank based on the number of net coins won or lost in that particular match. It also shows the top 10 players who have won most coins from that match.

Note: Coins can also be earned by reading news, playing trivia, referring, or first-time signup, but will not be reflected in Match Coins Table.

Runs and Levels

Win more coins, your 'runs' will increase correspondingly. A good thing, loss of coins does not decrease runs. Runs help you reach the next level.


Trophies can be won by playing and winning the Prediction Quiz. There is a minimum requirement of playing more than 10 Questions in a  match. Players playing less than or equal to 10 questions are not eligible to win Trophies. Below are different types of trophies to win:

1. Man of the match:

  A player will be declared as the Man of the match when he ends up winning the maximum number of runs in that match. Suppose you played 10 questions in a match. Your total runs won in each question will be added up and whoever ends up with the maximum number of runs will be awarded the Man of the Match Trophy. In case of a tie, our system will assign the trophy on the basis of a random lottery system.

2. Player of the match:

 A player will be awarded the  Player of the match trophy when he gets the maximum number of answers correct. So even if the player stakes 10 points on each question and gets a maximum number of answers correctly, he will win Player of the Match trophy. In case of a tie, the player who stakes more coins on the questions will be awarded the trophy.

3. Predictor of the match:

 A player will be awarded Predictor of the match trophy when he has the maximum accuracy on the answered questions. (e.g., Suppose a player plays 12 questions in a match and gets 9 of them correct. Then the Accuracy of the player will be (9/12)*100 = 75%). In case of a tie, the player getting more number of questions correct will be awarded the trophy.

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