Kohli needs to win tosses

England Vs India test series took an interesting turn with India winning the third test. But some struggles still seem to bother the men in blue as Kohli went to lose sixth consecutive toss with the fourth test.

Considering the home advantage in favour of England, losing the toss again and again doesn't only make things difficult for the visitors but also puts a question on Indian Skipper Kohli's luck.

After being asked about this jinx, Indian team looked disappointed. Some of the dropped players dared to come up with their opinion regarding the same.

"I might not be able to win a game for India, but I'm lucky enough to win a toss for the country," said Murali Vijay. Moreover, the other drop out Dinesh Kartik didn't shy away from mentioning his toss win percentage as KKR skipper.

However, we didn't expect it to escalate to the extent where we get MSD talking. "Looking at Virat losing toss all the time makes me contemplate my decision of bidding adieu to the tests."

It seems contributing with runs isn't enough for Kohli to claim the captaincy of this Indian team.


DISCLAIMER: This content is a work of fiction and readers are not advised to confuse the news as true or genuine in any case.