How to win Trophy & Rewards?


We are introducing the newest addition to our Prediction game. Matchday Trophies.3 trophies will be given to the users in every match.

To win a Trophy there is a minimum requirement of playing more than 10 Questions in a  match. Players playing less than or equal to 10 questions are not eligible to win Trophies.

There are 3 type of trophies awarded to the users in every match which are-

1. Man of the match:

   A player will be declared as the Man of the match when he ends up winning the maximum number of runs in that match. Suppose you played 10 questions in a match. Your total runs won in each question will be added up and whoever ends up with the maximum number of runs will be awarded the Man of the Match Trophy. In case of a tie, our system will assign the trophy on the basis of a random lottery system.

2. Player of the match:

  A player will be awarded the  Player of the match trophy when he gets the maximum number of answers correct. So even if the player stakes 10 points on each question and gets a maximum number of answers correctly, he will win Player of the Match trophy. In case of a tie, the player who stakes more coins on the questions will be awarded the trophy.

3. Predictor of the match:

  A player will be awarded Predictor of the match trophy when he has the maximum accuracy on the answered questions. (e.g., Suppose a player plays 12 questions in a match and gets 9 of them correct. Then the Accuracy of the player will be (9/12)*100 = 75%). In case of a tie, the player getting more number of questions correct will be awarded the trophy.

You can win INR 150 Paytm Cash on each trophy in the GT20 Canada matches

Top 100 Ranks on the Match Coins Table are awarded Paytm Cash and rewards.

Rank 1-10 - INR 50 Paytm Cash

Rank 11- 50 - INR 25 Paytm Cash

Rank 51-100 - INR 15 Paytm Cash

*Paytm Cash will be awarded to Indian users only.

*Terms & Conditions apply (For more information please read Frequently Asked Questions)



What can you do with the coins?
1. Play more predictions: More coins you have, more questions you can play which means higher chances of winning prizes. 
2. Top the weekly leaderboard: As many coins, you can earn during a week, more the chances of topping the weekly leaderboard resulting in winning prizes every week. 
3. Redeem Coins: We are about to launch coin redeem feature, till then collect as many coins as possible and stay ahead to grab the best reward out of the bag!
4. Level Up: As many coins, you will earn, as high are the chances of levelling up. Every time you move to next level, you can place more stake like on level 10 you can bid 1000 coins on each question.