How to Play Prediction & Win ?

Step 1: Select the Match

and tap on play section to predict and win.

Step 2: Select an “Active” question

Sign up first to play the prediction game, You will get 1000 coins as joining bonus to play

Step 3: Choose an Option

Tap on most probable result & check the Coin Multiplier (1.5x). Coin multiplier gives you the number with which your staked coins will be multiplied on predicting correctly

Step 4: Set Your Stake                                                                    

Move the slider to select the number of coins you wish to put on a stake

And We’re Done!

Tap SUBMIT and Wait for the results! Win more coins and rewards with every correct prediction you make :




What can you do with the coins?
1. Play more predictions: More coins you have, more questions you can play which means higher chances of winning prizes. 
2. Top the weekly leaderboard: As many coins, you can earn during a week, more the chances of topping the weekly leaderboard resulting in winning prizes every week. 
3. Redeem Coins: We are about to launch coin redeem feature, till then collect as many coins as possible and stay ahead to grab the best reward out of the bag!
4. Level Up: As many coins, you will earn, as high are the chances of levelling up. Every time you move to next level, you can place more stake like on level 10 you can bid 1000 coins on each question.