How India is No 1 in Tests (October 2016 to 2018)

First in South Africa, then losing in England could have easily brought India down to second or maybe the third spot in the test rankings.

So how has India managed to retain the top rank in tests? What is different about team India now?

In this episode of Statsurgery, we'll give you a couple of reasons why India is sitting on top of the test rankings?

Reason no. 1
India picks up all 20 wickets more often now
Before 2013, 34% times India bowled out the opponents in both the innings
considering the numbers after 2013, it went up by about 20%
which means India picks up all 20 wickets in alternate games
Indian cricket fans would be happy to know that it shot the winning percentage from 25 to 51.

Reason no. 2
5 wicket hauls have become more of a regular affair now
Before 2013, 22% times an Indian bowler bagged a 5 wicket haul in tests
after 2013 it went up to 41%
So basically, the chances of getting a 5-wicket-haul have doubled 

Well, the answer to this question revolves around struggling Indian openers.
Again before 2014, on an average, the opening stand contributed 37 runs to an Indian innings which Since 2014 came down to 33.

Even after switching between the available options like Dhawan, Vijay and Rahul,  India is yet to find the right combination.
So, considering the opening do you think India can win their maiden test series in Australia?