Guessing Game: Most Runs as an opener

1. Which of these players has the highest batting average as an opener? (Min : 30 Matches)
2. Most fours in an ODI innings.
3. Has hit the most number of sixes in all the formats.(Last 12 Months)

(A) Virat Kohli       (B) AJ Finch

(C) JM Bairstow   (D) RG Sharma


Answer of this question will be announced just before asking the next question.

Previous Game Results:

1. Which Indian Batsman scored most runs in a series against England in England?
2. This Indian batsman holds the record of highest batting average by any Indian in the same calendar year.
3. He is the player who scored a hundred and a duck in the same match.

And the correct answer is Virat Kohli.