Guessing Game: Fastest 100 on Test debut

1. He scored the Fastest 100 on Test debut.
2. Only Indian to scored 100 runs before lunch on day 1.
3. He is the only batsman in the world to have at least two hundreds in Asia Cup, World Cup and the Champions Trophy.

(A) Rohit Sharma        (B) Shikhar Dhawan

(C) Virender Sehwag  (D)  Virat Kohli


Answer of this question will be announced just before asking the next question.

Previous Game Results:

1. Which of these players has the highest batting average as an opener? (Min : 30 Matches)
2. Most fours in an ODI innings.
3. Has hit the most number of sixes in all the formats.(Last 12 Months)

And the correct answer in Rohit Sharma.