Frequently Asked Questions

A. Registration

1. How do I sign up?

Super Easy! You can use your Google or Facebook account to signup on Cricnwin. Just launch the app and click either of these and Voila! Enter your username to get started and If you have a referral code, you can get 500 coins. 

2. Can I create multiple accounts?

No, only one unique account per user is allowed. Creation of multiple accounts even on different devices is strictly prohibited and violates our FairPlay policy.

B. Playing the prediction game 

1. How do I play Prediction Quiz at Cricnwin?

Prediction quiz is based on guesses during or before the match which are all about upcoming events.

Please follow the steps given below to play Prediction Game.
1. Resister/Login at Cricnwin. 
2. Select any live or upcoming match and Click on "Play". 
3. Click on the questions you want to predict. 
4. Predict the possible outcome and stake your coins. You get 1000 bonus coins on signing up for the first time.
5. Once the event is complete, you will win extra coins for each correct prediction.

2. Can I change my stake on questions?

No, it is not allowed to make any changes in stakes of already predicted questions. hereby, we request you to please be cautious while predicting and putting the stakes.

3. Can I play one question multiple times?

No, as of now this option is not available but this is a nice thought. Our team is working on adding this feature. Hope to make it available soon.

4. How much can I stake on each question?

Stake limit is based on the level of the user. Stake limit is increased as user crosses the levels.

5. What are coins? And How can I earn more coins?

Coins are fuel to play the Prediction Game. More coins-more chances to win!

a. Read News & Watch Cricket Videos: You will get 20 coins on each news you read or any video you watch. 

b. Play Trivia: You will get 10 questions in one set and have to answer these in 2.5 minutes. Each correct answer will get you 20 Coins, and You will lose 5 on every wrong answer. You can play 3 Trivia sets at one go and win upto 600 coins.  

c. Refer your friends: Limited time offer: Share your referral code with your friends and family, If someone signs up at cricnwin using your referral code, Each of you gets 1000 Coins. Collect as many coins as possible ;)

d. First time signup: When you signup for the first time you will get bonus 1000 coins. Applicable for new users only.

e. Watch Video Ads: Get 50 coins for each video ad you see, You can watch maximum 5 video ads per day & win upto 250 coins.

f.  Prediction Game: You can multiply all collected coins just by playing prediction game. 

6. What are runs? And how can I earn more runs?

Runs help you cross a level. Score more runs by collecting more coins. Unlock new stake limit when you cross certain levels.

7. How can I win trophies?

Trophies can be won by playing and winning the Prediction Quiz. There is a minimum requirement of playing more than 10 Questions in a  match. Players playing less than or equal to 10 questions are not eligible to win Trophies. Below are different types of trophies to win:

a. Man of the Match: You can win MOM trophy by earning maximum runs from a match i.e., by staking maximum coins and attempting maximum possible questions
b. Player of the Match: You can win Player of the match trophy by answering maximum correct predictions
c. Predictor of the Match: You can win this trophy by having maximum accuracy.

8. I read the news and earned coins, but it won't get reflected on Match Coins Table, why?

Your efforts mean a lot to us, so all the coins you earned by any activity will be added to your performance on weekly coins table. In match coins table, we solely rely on your predictions performance so whatever coins you will earn by making correct predictions will be added.

9. When will the winner of Match Coins Table be announced?

Generally, the final coins table will be announced within a couple of hours after the match completion, in case of delay, we will notify you through push message or meanwhile, you can check the status mentioned on coins table itself. 

10. When will the winner of the Weekly Coins Table be announced?

We will announce the weekly coins table every Monday at 12 PM, winners will be notified through email or push notifications.

11. What if a match or an event is called off?

In case the match is called off or the particular event does not occur, your staked coins will be credited back into your account. 

12. What if the game ends as a Tie?

Although we always keep an option where you can select "tie" as an outcome, in case if all the options are not correct, we will make sure that your staked coins are credited back into your account.

13. Can I transfer my coins to my friend?

No, currently we don't have this feature. Maybe we can add this in near future based on feedback from our valued users.

14. How can I cross levels?

Levels can be crossed by collecting runs. More the runs you earn, more the levels you can cross.

15. I played a Question, which is now called-off, Why?

Questions are called-off in case the event has not happened or cannot happen. In any case, Cricnwin reserves all the rights to call-off any questions where we find any event-related or technical issues. 

C Rewards:

1. I topped the Weekly/Match Coins Table. When can I expect delivery of gifts?

Once you claim your gift, It usually takes 6-7 working days for a virtual coupon, in case of physical gift it may take 10-15 working days depending upon your location.

2. What is the prize money at Cricnwin?

Please find details about rewards at

IPL 2018: Please find IPL reward details at

3. How do I receive prize money?

In case of Paytm cash, you need to have your contact number registered with Paytm.

4. How is prize money calculated in case of a tie between users?

Prize money is divided among users finishing in the same position. Example - If 2 people have got fifth prize then prize money for each will be: (5th rank prize)/2

5. Do I get any reward for referring a friend, playing trivia, or reading news?

You can earn coins by these activities to stay on the top of the weekly coins table. On every Monday we will announce rewards for the users who finish on the top of the Weekly Coins Table.  

6. How can I redeem coins 

Currently, this feature is not available, we are planning to launch this feature soon where you can redeem your coins into vouchers and coupons. Till then, Keep collecting more coins and winning from match & weekly coins table. 

D. Referral Bonus:

1. Why haven't I received referral bonus?

Your friend needs to enter your referral code and create an account in Cricnwin. in case of any query or concern please write us at [email protected]

Thanks for reading this. We are consistent on improving our user experience If you have any more queries, which are not listed above. Please feel free to send your doubts at [email protected] and also you can ask your queries in the comment section below 


E. What can you do with the coins?
1. Play more predictions: More coins you have, more questions you can play which means higher chances of winning prizes. 
2. Top the weekly leaderboard: As many coins, you can earn during a week, more the chances of topping the weekly leaderboard resulting in winning prizes every week. 
3. Redeem Coins: We are about to launch coin redeem feature, till then collect as many coins as possible and stay ahead to grab the best reward out of the bag!
4. Level Up: As many coins, you will earn, as high are the chances of levelling up. Every time you move to next level, you can place more stake like on level 10 you can bid 1000 coins on each question.
Note - We regret to inform you that we are facing a technical difficulty. The Prizes that were to be delivered on Monday, 16th July will now be delivered on Tuesday, 17th July 2018.