Followed by IPL, PSL again crowned as the most popular cricket tournament

Pakistan Super League( PSL) winning the award of world's most popular cricket tournament second time consecutively doesn't come as surprise to nobody. In this article we'll take a look on how the prestigious league belittled the other cricket series on global level.

Unlike IPL and county cricket,  fans' madness for PSL can be clearly seen in all the first world nations that host it annually. Needless to mention that the international stars-studded teams back the distinctiveness of PSL. Cricketers from the teams that aren't among the top 5 in ICC cricket rankings, are not eligible to be a part of PSL.

          The popularity of the Pakistani tournament's reach is not restricted to the local celebrities but also western artists like Coldplay, Justin Beiber  struggle to get a chance to perform in PSL opening ceremony. Where neighboring country's IPL generates revenue of a few hundred thousand INR, PSL makes about USD 8 Billion every year just from media and broadcasting rights. If these amazing facts don't impress you then we would also highlight the recently reported statement from God of cricket, "I didn't play in PSL before getting retired from international cricket and it aches my heart that ."

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DISCLAIMER: This content is a work of fiction and readers are not adviced to confuse the news as true or genuine in any case.