Can Alastair Cook break Sachin's test record for the highest test runs?

Alistair Cook is one of the greatest modern era batsman. Can he break Sachin’s record of most test runs? 

Well arithmetically possible & probably looking at his fitness level. He is a phenomenal player of spin and scores runs in all conditions. 3776 runs look a long way away, but modern day cricketers are extremely fit and he puts in a lot of effort in his training to stay lean & athletic. 

Moreover that he is a real gentleman of the game. So both physically and mentally he is capable of chasing down the runs. He knows that there is a very good chance to get there, and cricket being an English sport he might as well want to do it for his country.

But he still has to play at least 40–45 test matches, well over Tendulkar’s 200 test matches. 

Let’s have a look at stats:

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar :

Test Runs: 15,921
Matches played: 200
Age (at which he retired): 40
Average: 53.79

Alastair Cook:

Test Runs: 12,145
Matches played: 156
Age: 33
Average: 45.65
Runs needs to break Sachin’s record= 3,776

Did you noticed that age difference and match the difference between both players.

Irrespective of age, If Cook managed to play more 44 matches then he may break Sachin’s record. And If we take on an average 10 matches per year then he requires to play at least 4 to 5 years.

Now, the second point is that England will play 12 test this year but in 2019 only 7 to 9 test matches because of ICC WORLD CUP (2019).

If he managed to play all the 12 matches in this year and managed to get plenty of runs then this discussion might seem realistic. But right now it seems a very difficult task for him.

But on the other side, he just requires just 1,233 runs to get himself at the second spot. And I would like to see him at that spot.

'15,000 Test runs and 50 Test centuries are not beyond him' - Sunil Gavaskar said about Alastair Cook.

Interesting fact: Alastair Cook's 243 was the highest individual score where a batsman was adjudicated OUT with the help of DRS. 

Will Cook break Tendulkar's most test runs record?