Australia misses talents like McGrath & Warne

Shane Warne and Glenn Mc Grath are legends and did excel in their trade by serving the Aussie cricket for many years and when they did hang their boots left a big boots to fill in and are equipped with unparalleled skill and commitment towards the game (An iota of doubt wanders in mind when speaks about Shane’s)
I say a big YES when this question is raised, though they have found many alternatives to Pace bowler in question with the likes of Starc, Hazlewood, Cummins etc., but not with that success as did the Glenn enjoyed against some established batsmen in international cricket.
When it comes to replacing leggie, who has the second highest tally of wickets, yet to replace him and to that effect tried many spinners with the likes of Nathan Lyon, Hauritz, Jason Kreja, Adam Zampa, Cameron Boyce etc.,
As it comes to statistics missing the likes of both legendaries is quiet evident as we compare the success of Oz in test cricket and ODI in their era and post their retirement
A one-liner, they are unparalleled from the perspective of Aussie in their skill and contribution to the golden age of Oz under the leadership of Steve, Ponting and to some extent under Mark Taylor.

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Contributed by Naresh Sadhanala, Quora