Afghanistan deserved to play the finals: Sarfaraz Ahmed

If we believe the fans' reactions to the quality of India-Pakistan clashes, there is no second opinion about the strong need to revive the great old rivalry between the two sides.

Asia Cup 2018 proved to be a fantastic campaign for the underdogs like Afghanistan and Bangladesh. On the other hand, ODI ranked 2 team India have not faced any serious competition from either of the 'strong' sides Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Lankans shocked the cricketing world by getting knocked out after conceding two consecutive defeats.

Talking about Pakistan, losing against Bangladesh four times in a row has questioned the quality of cricket the 1992 World Champions have shown in recent times.

As expected, India entered the finals of Asia Cup's latest edition without any hiccups and was hoping their arch-rivals to meet for the third and final time in the contest. However, Bangladesh came up with a different schedule and pulled Pakistan out of their way to the finals. The poor performance of Pakistan disappointed not only their fans but also the captain of the team. Sarfaraz Ahmed who earlier called India a much stronger side than theirs, couldn't hold himself and said, "I'm embarrassed on behalf of my over-confident team that believed to beat India easily in the tournament. I believe we really need a reality check after losing to a tier three team like Bangladesh in the most  crucial game of the contest."

Ahmed also praised the performance and efforts of Afghanistan by saying, "it's not that B'desh played well, it's just our show that was poor. So, I'm confident that Afghanistan is the team that deserved to meet India in the finals."

Well, Afghanistan indeed played some excellent cricket, but rating Bangladesh's game poor will undoubtedly dishearten the already disappointed fans.


DISCLAIMER: This content is a work of fiction and readers are not advised to confuse the news as true or genuine in any case.