R Ashwin's 'pause too long', not within spirit of cricket - MCC

By CricnWin


A day after ruling that Kings XI Punjab captain R Ashwin was well within his right to "mankad" Jos Buttler in the IPL, the MCC has clarified that Ashwin seemingly "paused too long" which was "not within the spirit of cricket."

The controversial incident took place during the match between Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab in Jaipur when Ashwin seemingly waited for Buttler to step out of the crease at the non-striker's end before running him out. After the match, Ashwin clarified that he instinctively mankaded the batsman. The MCC had originally cleared the latest occurrence but Fraser Stewart, the MCC's cricket academy manager, has since reviewed the footage further and declared that “when Buttler could have reasonably expected the ball to be delivered, he was in his ground”.

"Having extensively reviewed the incident again and after further reflection we don’t think it was within the spirit of the game,” Stewart told the Daily Telegraph.

"We believe the pause was too long between the time Ashwin reached the crease and the moment it was reasonable to expect the ball would be delivered. When Buttler could have reasonably expected the ball to be delivered, he was in his ground.

Stewart rejected suggestions that his statement is a change in MCC’s stance on the matter.

“We didn’t come down either way (in the original statement),” he said. “We now think at the key moment Buttler was in his ground.

“Buttler, it is fair to say, did not make a concerted effort to get back into his crease after Ashwin had delayed his delivery, and didn’t help himself in that respect.

"It is also unfair, and against the Spirit of Cricket, for non-strikers to leave their ground too early. All these debates wouldn’t be necessary if non‑strikers remained in their ground until the ball is on its way down the pitch.”

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