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R Ashwin: MCC can't even take a stand

By CricnWin

By Mandeep Sharma


Tricking players for changing the course of a game isn’t a rare scenario in cricket and we have witnessed many great players falling prey to it. After the recent 'mankading' incident in IPL 2019, cricket fans around the world aren’t sure who needs to be hated more - Kings XI Punjab skipper R Ashwin, who happened to cross the limits or the MCC, who aren’t even sure what exactly is on their ‘so-called’ rulebook.

Like always, The Jaali Express couldn’t stop but poke the people that are behind the trending content on the internet. After being asked how he is feeling after winning without the ‘spirit of the game’, Ashwin didn’t seem to have any regrets.

“Enough is enough, Punjab needs to win this IPL at any cost and being their captain, I don’t mind pulling off such stuff even more smartly. In such intense games, you just need to pull out thorns like Buttler anyhow," he said. 

After getting such a reaction from the senior spinner, we brought MCC into the discussion to which he responded, “Don’t talk about MCC, they can’t even take a stand”.

To be honest, we partially agree with the 32-year-old here. While playing gully cricket in childhood, we sorted such cases in a matter of seconds with utmost accuracy; the MCC took a whole day to change their statement after labelling Ashwin fair. Unsurprisingly, Twitter got flooded with fans’ response to the infamous incident. One of the tweets gave the cricketing world a whole new perspective regarding the case.

“MCC could have come up with the right judgement on the D-day itself, so accusing Ashwin days after the event shows nothing but discrimination associated with the sour experiences India and England shared in the past,” said a fan.

Well, if we go by such mindset, it's not the first time when ‘revenge’ has been taken, and the justice has been served.

DISCLAIMER: This content is a work of fiction and readers are advised not to confuse the news as true or genuine in any case. 

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