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Joe Root calls for clarity over 'Mankad' dismissals

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By Cricnwin Staff


Joe Root feels there could be a rise in 'Mankad' dismissals unless the ICC clarifies the laws of the game.

Controversy erupted in the IPL 2019 match between Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab in Jaipur on March 25 after R Ashwin Mankaded Buttler. Post the game, the KXIP captain stated that his actions were “instinctive” and not deliberate. The MCC, the custodians of the game's laws, which had deemed the dismissal as clean, later clarified that Ashwin seemingly "paused too long" which was "not within the spirit of cricket”.

"I think it's a good warning now and I'm glad it's not happened to us in the World Cup final for example, or in a World Cup game,” Root said.

The England Test captain also said he “wasn’t too impressed” with what transpired in that IPL game.

"I think you know some people might be looking for clarification now," Root said.

"I think umpires being really clear on what is out and what is not out is going to be crucial. Making sure everyone is on the same page with it so that there are no inconsistencies is going to be really important; having the clarity there for everyone playing the game.

"It's not something that I'd like to be involved in, I wasn't too impressed personally. But it's within the Laws of the game, as a lot of people have said, and one Jos (Buttler) has to take on the chin unfortunately.”

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